Any body who has gone through the entire set of pages which comprise this web site would feel that I need to get out of my house more often and should see the sun sometimes. But, please understand that I do have a life, and I was busily employed as a Production Engineer in a Manufacturing firm in India, while designing this site. Currently I am a Senior Project Manager. As 007 says in Thunderball , I am a licensed troubleshooter ...he,he,he.
I had my first brush with the Internet, when I was in the USA to study for my Master of Science in Industrial Engineering in the University of Florida. Yeah..Go Gators. As my resume would better explain, I got paid to surf the web (not really!) and my education was paid by my assistantship (Thank you, Mr. Kisko, my College guide) during which I had the chance to develop Internet web-pages as a part of a virtual classroom.

Later, somehow after joining the job, I kind of lost touch with the Basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And hence I decided to rejuvenate my links (pun unintended) with HTML and web page designing.

Peter Senge in his classic "the Fifth Discipline" does talk about" Personal mastery is the discipline of continually clarifying and deepening our personal vision, of focusing our energies, of developing patience, and of seeing reality objectively. The ability to focus on ultimate intrinsic desires, not only on secondary goals, is a cornerstone of personal mastery. A vision with no underlying sense of purpose, no calling, is just a good idea -all sound and fury, signifying nothing". Don't blame me for this, Blame Peter Senge.

Hence as I wanted to relearn all the Web page designing basics, that I had almost forgotten, I thought of taking on a project which would be fun to do and also would be a good learning experience as a target with a sense of purpose. Well, I have been a James Bond fan, since I saw The spy who loved me , when I was six years old. And what better a subject to make a web site on which would guarantee a lot of material to refer to, a captive audience who would visit the page and the opportunity to utilize almost everything that can be possible using the current Web Page technology.

Hence, I did embark on the journey to make a complete set of web pages describing the James Bond films as they traversed from the actors from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan. It did take me almost two months to collect the information and write the code for the web page. Please feel free to use any code you find on the web pages, but I am not responsible for any problems created thereafter.

I would like to remind the reader (and especially the copy right holders of James Bond) that I have not received, nor desire to receive no monetary compensation for the development of the same. I would be honored to post any advertisements related to James Bond and his films on this page, FREE of cost. A miniscule favor in return to the immense excitement the film series has given to me.

Please also understand, that I have poked fun at some of the actors in the web pages (George Lazenby, in particular) but I bear them no malice and well, Wooden George does deserve it.
And please do mail me about how you liked/hated this web site as it would help me in designing something better next time (or to stop in designing anything further). Indeed do write if you feel that I'm the George Lazenby of Web page designing, and that's no compliment. And while you are at it, do check my homepage. (All links in the floating toolbar above.)

As Bond would say, " The pleasure, I'm sure, was all mine".

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